The blank canvas : Beginning

Hola folks!

So now the time comes when I will  officially contribute to FOSS as an Outreachy intern. Yayy!  😀

Before I begin shedding the technicalities of the project in this blog, I would like to log the journey till now and how I ended up taking this project.

It is the incident, a few months back, when the semester began. I remember taking a morning stroll with two of my friends when we were discussing about how the websites bring in the ads/content we search on in the parallel tabs of our browser. You would have noticed, when you search for some “XYZ” content in your browser tabs, the targeted ads and in fact content of your feed changes accordingly. It seems like someone is keeping a track of our online activity very diligently, and the feeling of being tracked feels so bad.

Later that day, while surfing through the Outreachy projects, I stumbled upon Privacy Badger and it immediately captivated my interest. I read about it, forked its github repo, tried understanding the design and implementation and started contributing 🙂

The more I got to know about the organization, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the umbrella of projects it deals with , the more sure I became that this is the one organization I wish to work with.

And so I submitted my Outreachy application, having made the initial commits and PRs. I still remember the happy shiver down my spine, I got when I saw my name in the selected list.

As of now I am understanding it in a more exhaustive manner along with working on couple of bugs, so that I am able to develop a concrete conceptual base for my application to stand upon. So, frankly its the warm-up phase.

In the next post I will be sharing my discoveries by then and the progress made.

Till then,

Have coffee, keep hacking!

And as I go, some good music explored this week: MUSIICCC

See you in next post!


Author: infinite24

A good part of my life revolves around adventure, code, music and coffee. Programmer, talking geek soothes me. Love learning new skills, cultivating new hobbies and meeting varied people. I personally believe: Grab a coffee, go on a walk ~ pretty promising solutions for any problem :)

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