Done with sketching: App architecture

Hola folks!

Long time and a delayed update. It takes real motivation to track down your own progress than to actually code and develop the application.


So what have I been up to? This time period ended up with a ready architecture for the application with primarily three blocks:

1. UI : Where the user interacts, for now we have just two activities

(i) Here user can turn on/off  PB, the tracking service.

(ii) View data: Tracked URLS, frequency count and status. The view is generated by fetching content from db.

2. Service that runs the server: Android service makes sure that PB keeps on running in background though app is closed by the user, until user manually sets it to off. This section is devoted to keeping track of requested URLs and making necessary updates to database.

3. Database handler: This section provides handy functions to store and access URL data easily on the device and is responsible for overall data management.

As of now, section 1 and 3 are almost complete. The most important component is to run the service efficiently. For now I am linking it to results fetched by proxy server only, to check it is working fine, but it has to be substituted with androidVpnService next.

Since, running proxy needs root access and we intend to avoid that.
So, done with the basic architecture of the application. Major focus now is to improve it and make sure the app never hangs due to increasing frequency of tracked URLS.
Once, done with that performing the tracker service using  androidVPNService instead of currently used proxy server is the main task at hand.

So, see you in the next post soon with some major leaps of advancement in this direction. Till then, stay connected, keep hacking and listen to Nirvana…

“Think twice, code once”